5 Golds, 3 Silvers, 6 Bronzes for RP team in SEAG 2003 (December, 2003) 

Landing Gold medal honors for the Philippine Team in the 2003 Southeast Asian Games were Donald David Giesler, Dax Albert Morfe, Margarita Maria Estela Bonifacio, Veronica Domingo, and  Mary Antoinette Rivero  in a mixture of success and disappointment.

Rough sailing.  It was rough sailing for highly ranked players such as 2000 Sydney Olympian Roberto "Kitoy" Cruz who was previously undefeated in the SEA games, fellow Sydney Olympian, Eva Marie Ditan and 2004 Olympic qualifier Tshomlee Go.  After defeating Kyaw Kyaw Htoo of Myanmar in the first round, Cruz was upset by Phichet Phibunkhanabak of Thiland in his Semifinal match and had to settle for the Bronze.  Women's Fin weight Ditan drew a bye in the first round but lost to Nguyen Thuyen Dieu of Vietnam also salvaging the Bronze, while Go was ousted in his very first match by Ussadate Sutthikunkarn of Thailand in the men's Fly weight.

It was a nice return for Light weight Veronica Domingo who, after disposing of Emerald Margareth Dien of Indonesia in the Semifinals, went on to defeat Pham Thi Phoung Quyen of Vietnam in the finals and has now won back to back SEAG Golds.  Margarita Maria Estela Bonifacio kicked past Wasittee Prasopsuk of Thailand in her semifinal match, then defeated Malaysia's Che Chew Chan for the Gold in the Women's Middle weight division..

Revenge is sweet.  It was sweet revenge for Geisler and Morfe.  In his semi final match, Donnie Geisler defeated defending champion Thit Lwin of Myanmar, his tormentor in the finals of the 2001 SEAG, and went on to dispose of Indonesian Rizal Samsir in the Finals of the Light weight category.  Middle weight Dax Morfe won over Phan Tan Dat, the same Thai who was responsible for giving him a broken shin in 2001.

The shape of things to come.  The youthful 15 year-old Mary Rivero powered her way past Chonnapas Premwaew of Thiland before defeating Singaporean Chen Peiqi for the Gold in the Feather weight division.  Her victory shows that the Philippine Taekwondo Contingent has a deep pool of young world-class talents to tap from.

Silver linings.  Just missing the Gold were Alexander Briones who lost to Malaysian Wong Kai Meng in the Welter weight category,  Heavy weight Dindo Simpao who lost to Nguyen Van Hung of Vietnam, and Kalindi Tamayo who lost to Nootcharin Sukkhongdumnoen of Thailand in the Women's Bantam weight division.

Rounding up the 14 medals won by the Philippine Taekwondo Team are Fin weight Kitoy Cruz, Bantam weight Manuel Rivero Jr., Feather wieght Jefferthom Go, Fin weight Eva Marie Ditan, Welter weight Sally Solis, and Heavyweight Ann Margaret Boyle who all settled for the Bronze.

MEDAL STANDINGS by weight category


FIN (Not exceeding 54kg)   GOLD Long Dien Vietnam
SILVER Phichet Phibunkhanabak Thailand
BRONZE Roberto Cruz
Phisamone Chaleunsouk Laos
FLY (54kg - 58kg)
GOLD Lim Yit Min Malaysia
SILVER Nguyen Quoc Huan Vietnam
BRONZE Muhammad Dalam Imam Indonesia
Ussadate Sutthikunkarn Thailand
BANTAM (58kg - 62kg)
GOLD Derry Dharmarnstah Maulana Indonesia
SILVER Vu Anh Tuan Vietnam
BRONZE Manuel Rivero Jr. Philippines
Wichit Sittikun Thailand
FEATHER (62kg - 67kg) GOLD Cao Trong Chinh Vietnam
SILVER Amith Sihalat Laos
Jefferthom Go Philippines
LIGHT (67kg - 72kg) GOLD Donald David Geisler III Philippines
SILVER Rizal Samsir Indonesia
BRONZE Bout Vichet
Thit Lwin Myanmar
WELTER (72kg - 78kg) 
GOLD Kriangkrai Noikoed Thailand
SILVER Alexander Briones Philippines
BRONZE Wong Kai Meng Malaysia
Basuki Nugroho Indonesia
MIDDLE (78kg - 84kg)
GOLD Dax Albert Morfe Philippines
SILVER Phan Tan Dat Vietnam
BRONZE Zaw Myo Win Myanmar
Derek Afsa Indonesia
HEAVY (Over 84kg)
GOLD Nguyen Van Hung Vietnam
SILVER Dindo Simpao Philippines
BRONZE Irwansyah Indonesia
Prawes Sattakom Thailand

FIN (Not exceeding 47kg) GOLD Nguyen Thi Huyen Dieu Vietnam
SILVER Thi Ri Tint Lwin Myanmar
BRONZE Wornwimon Phuangphee Thailand
Eva Marie Ditan Philippines
FLY (47kg - 51kg)  GOLD Yaowapa Boorapolchai Thailand
SILVER Soe Soe Myar Myanmar
BRONZE Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai Vietnam
Lounna Sodouangdenh Laos
BANTAM (51kg - 55kg)  GOLD Nootcharin Sukkhongdumnoen
SILVER Kalindi Tamayo Philippines
BRONZE Elaine Teo Shueh Fhern Malaysia
Nguyen Thi My Le Vietnam
FEATHER (55kg - 59kg) 
GOLD Mary Antoinette Rivero
SILVER Chen Peiqi Singapore
BRONZE Chonnapas Premwaew Thailand
Efrida Nurphi Indonesia
LIGHT (59kg - 63kg)  
GOLD Veronica Domingo Philippines
SILVER Pham Thi Phoung Quyen Vietnam
BRONZE Emerald Margareth Dien Indonesia
Piyaporn Dongnoi Thailand
WELTER (63kg - 67kg)  GOLD Sinta Berliana Heru Indonesia
SILVER Lee Pei Fen Malaysia
BRONZE Nguyen Thi Ngoc Tram Vietnam
Sally Solis Philippines
MIDDLE (67kg - 72kg)  GOLD Margarita Maria Estela Bonifacio
SILVER Che Chew Chan
BRONZE Wasittee Prasopsuk Thailand
Le Thi Thy Dan Vietnam
HEAVY (Over 72kg)  GOLD Tran Thi Ngoc Bich Vietnam
SILVER Lee Wan Yuen Malaysia
BRONZE Fong Yee Min Singapore
Ann Margaret Boyle Philippines


Vietnam 5
Philippines 5
Thailand 3
Malaysia 1
Indonesia 1




GOLD David Donald Geisler III (Men - Light Weight)
Dax Albert Morfe (Men - Middle Weight)
Mary Antoinette Rivero (Women - Feather Weight)
Veronica Domingo (Women - Light Weight)
Margarita Maria Estela Bonifacio (Women - Middle Weight)
SILVER Dindo Simpao (Men - Welter Weight)
Alexander Briones (Men - Heavy Weight)
Kalindi Tamayo (Women - Bantam Weight)
Roberto Cruz (Men - Fin Weight)
Manuel Rivero Jr. (Men - Bantam Weight)
Jefferthom Go (Men - Feather Weight)
Eva Marie Ditan (Women - Fin Weight)
Sally Solis (Women - Welter Weight)
Ann Margaret Boyle (Women - Heavy Weight)


Vietnam 5
Philippines 5
Thailand 3
Malaysia 1
Indonesia 1



Laguna Scores Big at 2003 STRAA (March, 2003) 

Laguna made its presence felt again in Batangas City, March 28 - 29, 2003, venue for the 2003 Southern Tagalog Regional Championships.

Once again, it was the dynamic duo of Eunice and Elaine Alora that led Laguna in the "Golden Harvest".  Joining them in reaping the Gold were Layl matba, Chrzyl Pantua, Margaret Noblesa, Alexis Nicole, Juan Bernardino, and Czarina cabuco.

Andrey Perez and a resurgent Edel Parducho each won a Silver, while Miguel Navarro, Amiel Velecina and Jakee Yecyec all settled for the Bronze to round up the medal tally for Laguna.

Laguna's Diego Navarro Gets Gold at the 2003 U.S. Open (February, 2003) 

Diego Navarro kicked his way to the top of the boys' 11 to 13 year-old Fin weight division.  It was an exciting day for Diego who fashioned out convincing victories over oponents from Canada and the US before meeting with Isaac Archuleta of the USA in the Finals.  It was touch and go from there, as every time Diego would chalk up a point, his oponent would come right back to even the score.  After pulling ahead with less than a minute to go in the last period, Diego played it smart by playing a cat-and-mouse game in the last seconds to ensure the victory.

As for the rest of the Philippine team, Ana Dianelo won a Gold in the Bantam weight class in the 11-13 yr-old Female division; while Fin weight Rotrice Lavalan and Middle weight Marsha Ecaranum each got a Bronze.   Likewise, in the 11-13 boys division, Gold medals were won by Bantam weight Paolo Angeles and Heavy weight Kervin Ong.

In the 14-17 yr-old Juniors, Roshell Lavalan won the only medal for the RP team, a Gold, in the Fin weight category.  In the Seniors Poomse (forms) competition, Karloff Fontanosa won a Gold in the 3rd Dan Heavy weight class.  Ivy Alindogan won a Silver in the 2nd Dan Middle weight, while Richard Cruz also won a silver in the 2nd Dan Light weight class.

Another Banner Year for Laguna (December, 2002) 

The Laguna team wrapped up another great year, gaining recognition not only on the National level, but also making its mark on the international circuit.  Most notable were the 5 medals won at the prestigious 2002 Korean Open where Andrey Perez, Eunice and Elaine Alora took First Place in their respective divisions, while Ricardo Moncado and Loyd Tajan added a Silver medal each.

In the First Batangas Mayors Cup Invitational Taekwondo Championship held at the Batangas State University, Batangas City (Nov. 3, 2002) Winning Gold Medals were Layl Matba, Chryzl Pantua, Sandra Delfino, Andrey Perez, and Leane Bartolo.  Silver medals went to Kelvin Reodica and Jamie Sta Isabel bronze, while brothers Miggy and Diego Navarro, Argee Filipino, Arvin Bugarin, and Czarina cabuco settled for the Bronze

Elaine Alora won the Gold in the National Age Group Championships held at the Ninoy Aquino Memorial Stadium on Nov. 17, 2002.  The Carlos Palanca Jr. (CPJ) Memorial Championships were also held in this same venue on Feb. 2, 2003.  In this highly touted tournament, Diego Navarro, Jakee Yecyec, Elaine ALora, and Czarina Cabuco kicked their way to the top of their respective divisions.

Laguna Lass pitted against Olympian Eva Marie Ditan.  One of the finals matches of the CPJ pitted Laguna's Eunice Alora against National Team member and 2000 Sydney Olympian, Eva Marie Ditan.  Eunice put up an impressive fight but bowed out to the seasoned veteran, settling for the Silver.  Nevertheless, the impressive showing landed Eunice a spot on the National Team.  Meanwhile, teammate Layl Matba also won a Silver Medal while Terrence Boteja settled for a Bronze.

In the 2002 Samsung Best of the Best taekwondo Championships (July 15-21,2002, Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City), Laguna netted the following results:

Gold - Eunice Alora
Bronze - Ricardo Moncada
At the 25th National Taekwondo Championships (Aug. 4 2002, Ninoy Aquino Sports Arena):
Gold - Elaine alora
Bronze - Raymar Aringo

Laguna Tallies 3 Golds and 2 Silvers at the 2002 Korean Open (July, 2002) 

Anrdrey Perez and sisters Eunice and Elaine Alora fashioned out exciting victories in their respective divisions to add 3 Golds to the RP team's tally.

Andrey won the Gold at the expense of RP teammate Raffy de Jesus to top the Welter weight division of the Young Junior Male category.  Elaine Alora, in her International debut, likewise wrested the Championship in the Young Junior Female Welter weight division.   It was a the second year in a row for Eunice who won her first international Gold in the 2001 Korean Open.  She overpowered Chien An-Chi of Chinese Taipei en route to her second consecutive Korean Open Gold.

Meanwhile, fellow Laguna teammates Ricardo Moncada was defeated in the finals of the Feather wieght class by Lim Yit Min of Malaysia to win the Silver and Loyd Tajan also settled for Runner-up honors.
"Three golds and 2 Silvers, not a bad contribution to the Philippine contingent, all courtesy of Laguna," noted wily coach Danny Guevarra, visibly impressed by his student's performances.

Laguna Lass, Eunice Alora Wins Silver in 2002 US Open (February, 2002) 

February 18 - 24, Orlando, Florida, USA, home of Disney World and host of the 2002 International US Open Taekwondo Championships.  Fiery Laguna lass Kathleen Eunice Alora blazed her way through the elimination rounds setting her up for a championship battle in the Female Junior (14-17 years-old) Flyweight division.   She put up a good fight but eventually lost and settled for a Silver medal against Yolanda Catañeda of Guatemala.  Meanwhile the Philippine Juniors team racked up more medals in an event once again dominated the contestants from host USA.

Kervin Ong won a Gold medal in the boys 11 - 13 years old Heavyweight class. In the Men's Juniors, Brix Ramos won a Gold in Welterweight while John Paul "Japoy" Lizardo added a Silver in the Finweight Division.   The Girls, on the other hand, won 6 medals.  Angelic Cabral - Bronze (11-13 Bantam); Pamela Denise Cababasay - Gold (Junior Finweight); Eunice Alora - Silver (Junior Flyweight); Esther Marie Singson - Silver (Junior Light Middleweight); Ma. Criselda Roxas - Silver (Junior Middlewight); and Kharzma Handang - Bronze (Junior Flyweight).

Laguna Wraps Up Another Great Year (December, 2001) 

The Laguna Squad definitely left its mark on the 2001 National competitions. Among it's most impressive feats was during the 2001 Milo Little Olympics, where Laguna won 13 medals, 5 Golds, 5 Silvers, and 3 Bronzes.

During the 2001 Milo Interschool Championships, held at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium last Sept. 22 - 23, Laguna earned 7 medals - 3 Golds courtesy of Diego Navarro, Eunice Alora, and Kaye Babaan; a Silver by Miguel Navarro; and 3 Bronzes by Layl Matba, Jakee Yecyec, and Elaine Alora.

The Milo Little Olympics held last Oct. 6 - 7 at the 2001 Rizal Coliseum, exemplified Laguna's efforts, winning a whopping 13 medals with 5 Golds going to Jakee Yecyec, Elaine Alora, Greg Perez, Kerwin and Kelvin Reodica. Runner-up honors went to Amiel Velecina, Argee Filipino, Chryzl Pantua, Reymar Aringo, and Czarina Cabuco, while Bronze medals were reaped by Miguel Navarro, Andrey Perez, and Jamie Sta. Isabel.

During the Milo National Age Group Championships, Nov. 17 - 18, 2001, Jakee Yecyec won the Gold, Elaine Alora, won a Silver, while Jamie Sta. Isabel, Diego Navarro, and Layl Matba salvaged the Bronze.

Laguna wrapped up the year winning 2 Golds through Elaine Alora and Kerwin Ong; 2 Silvers by Miguel Navarro and Jakee Yecyec; and a Bronze by Chryzl Pantua during the 3rd Batang Pinoy Dec. 1 - 7, 2001 Bacolod City.

All in all it was an great year for the Laguna team, as coach Danny Guerrero and Team Manager Jimmy Navarro are looking forward to another great year. With some of the kids moving up to the High School level, and a strong group of younger kids eager to fill their shoes, Laguna is gearing up for the next round of competitions.

Roberto "Kitoy" Cruz, Veronica Domingo, and Nelia Ycasas Bag Golds at the 2001 SEA Games (September 10, 2001) 

No points despite this obvious connection. Giesler eventually lost 0-3 in the lightweight finals
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Roberto "Kitoy" Cruz oultclassed all his opponents and established himself as a legend as he kicked his way to his sixth straight SEA Games Taekwondo gold medal.  Cruz dominated the Malaysia's Shahidin Sha Mohd Farook with an overpowering 7-0 victory in the final of the finweight class.  He won his first SEAG Gold in 1991 in Manila.  Cruz also dominated the event in 1993 (Singapore), 1995 (Chiang Mai), 1997 (Jakarta), and 1999 in Brunei.

Veronica Domingo, also dominated Indonesia’s Onyas Nurmala, 6-1, in the lightweight final.  this was her first Gold in the biennial sportsfest.   In the 1999 SEAG, she won the bronze in Brunei.  Meanwhile, a feisty Maria Nelia Sy Ycasas defeated Duangsuda T-hasirikun of Thailand in the Finals of the Women's welterweight.

Cruz’s fellow Olympians, Donald Geisler (lightweight) and Eva Marie Ditan, (finweight) settled for runner-up honors.  Geisler lost to Myanmar’s U Thit Lwin, 3-0, while Ditan suffered a heartbreaker 5-4 to Vietnamese Nguyen Thi Huyen.  In the women's heavyweight division, Margarita Maria Estela Bonifacio appeared to be in full control against Host Malaysia's Chew Chee Chan, but to her dismay ended up losing on the scorecards.   Middleweight Sally Solis also settled for a silver, losing to Emerald Margareth of Indonesia, while Kalindi Tamayo was defeated by Nootcharin S. Of Thailand in the featherweight finals.

Salvaging bronze medals for the Philippines were Manuel Rivero (Bantamweight), Jefferthom Go (Featherweight), Dax Alberto Morfe (Middleweight), and Dindo Simpao (Heavyweight).

RP taekwondo team dethroned by Vietnam.   Vietnam pulled the rug from under the feet of defending champion the Philippines via a 4 Gold medal haul. Vietnam won 4 golds, 1 Silver and 6 Bronzes (4-1-6) in Taekwondo, compared to the 3-5-4 medals for the Philippines.  Vietnam will be hosting the SEA Games in 2003.

RP's Taekwondo Medal Tally:

GOLD (3): Veronica Domingo (lightweight), Ma Nelia Sy Ycasas (Welterweight), Roberto Cruz (finweight)
SILVER (5): Donald Geisler (lightweight), Eva Marie Ditan (finweight), Kalindi Tamayo (featherweight), Margarita Maria Estela Bonifacio (Heavyweight), Sally Solis (Middleweight)
BRONZE (4): Dindo Simpao (Heavyweight), Dax Alberto Morfe (Middleweight), Manuel Rivero (Bantamweight), Jefferthom Go (Featherweight)


Men Finweight (Below 54kg)
GOLD- Roberto Cruz (PHI); SILVER- Shahidin Shah Farook (MAS); BRONZE- W. Panprom (THA) and I. Ebertus (INA)
Men Flyweight (54-58kg)
GOLD- U. Sutthikunkarn (THA); SILVER- S. Rahadani(INA); BRONZE- E. Lam (SIN) and T. Nhat Nam (VIE)
Men Bantamweight (58-62kg)
GOLD- D. Dharmansyah (MAS); SILVER- J. Yodanya (INA); BRONZE- Manuel Rivero (PHI) and B. Raj (MAS)
Men Featherweight (62-67kg)
GOLD- S. Sarawanan (MAS); SILVER- S. Win (MYA); BRONZE- Jefferthom Go (PHI) and P. Dissoi (THA)
Men Lightweight (67-72kg)
GOLD- U Thit Lwin (MYA); SILVER- Donald David Geisler (PHI); BRONZE- S. Jaritruam (THA) and B. Firmansyah (INA)
Men Welterweight (72-78kg)
GOLD- Kriangkrai Noikerd (THA); SILVER- B. Nugroho (INA); BRONZE- Z. Myo Win (MYA) and D. Trong Sinh (VIE)
Men Middleweight (78-84kg)
GOLD- Phan Tan Dat (VIE); SILVER- Rosandi (INA); BRONZE- Dax Alberto Morfe (PHI) and M. Sokry (CAM)
Men Heavyweight (Over 84kg)
GOLD- Nguyen Van Hung (VIE); SILVER- S. Vijendran (MAS); BRONZE- Dindo Simpao (PHI) and T. Thavereak (CAM)

Women Finweight (Below 47kg)
GOLD- Nguyen Thi Huyen Dieu (VIE); SILVER- Eva Marie Ditan (PHI); BRONZE- K. Sutthiphaet (THA) and K. Swee Oo (MYA)
Women Flyweight (47-51kg)
GOLD- Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai (VIE); SILVER- C. Muttasuwan (THA); BRONZE- S. Bounleuth (LAO) and J. Wangsa Putri (INA)
Women Featherweight (55-59kg)
GOLD- Nootcharin S. (THA); SILVER- Kalindi Tamayo (PHI); BRONZE- Soo Lai Yin (MAS) and V. Trismawanty (INA)
Women Lightweight (59-63kg)
GOLD- Veronica Domingo (PHI); SILVER- O. Nurmala (INA); BRONZE- P. Dongnoi (THA) and Nguyen T. (VIE)
Women Welterweight (63-67kg)
GOLD- Ma Nelia Sy Ycasas (PHI); SILVER- D. T-hasirikun (THA); BRONZE- Lee P. (MAS) and Nguyen T. (VIE)
Women Middleweight (67-72kg)
GOLD- E. Margareth (INA); SILVER- Sally Solis (PHI); BRONZE- Ho T. (VIE) and Lee S. (MAS)
Women Heavyweight (Over 72kg)
GOLD- Chew Chee Chan (MAS); SILVER- Margarita Maria Estela Bonifacio (PHI); BRONZE- E. Nopiyanti (INA) and Tran T. (VIE)



 Malaysia 111 75 85 271
 Thailand 103 86 89 278
 Indonesia 72 74 80 226
 Vietnam 33 35 64 132
 Philippines 30 66 67 163
 Singapore 22 31 42 95
 Myanmar 19 14 53 86
 Laos 1 3 7 11
 Cambodia 1 1 5 7
 Brunei 0 5 6 11

Diego Navarro Gets a Silver in Korean Open (July, 2001) 

Diego Navarro fought his way to a runner-up finish in the 2001 Korean Open.  He won his first match via an 8-0 victory over a Korean opponent then earned his way to the next round thanks to a no-show by another korean.   His third fight put him up against a higher-rated Filipino teammate.   Diego, however, prevailed 3-2.  In his finals match, Diego was unable to find his range against a much taller and heavier opponent, finishing the day with a Silver medal.

Laguna teammates Terrence Boteja, Reymar Aringo, and Greg Perez fought well, but were unable to make it to the medal rounds.  Other contenders, namely the Alora siters, Eunice and Elaine, and Grace Opinion were unable to join their teammates in Korea.

Laguna Kid Settles for 5th in US Jr Olympics (July 6, 2001) 

July 6, 2001, Tampa Convention Center, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA.   Felix Cedillo was all fired up in his opening match.  Against a taller opponent, he went full steam ahead bombarding his rival with a series of bullet (double) kicks, eventually winning the match 5-1.  In his second fight, he was ahead most of the way, but a series of clean kicks to the head failed to get points from the scorers. With the score tied at 3-3 with seconds remaining, Felix' oponent scored a point, but it was clearly after the referee called a Kalyo (break). "That last point should've been nullified," commented a fraustrated coaching staff, "but those are just the breaks of the game," he added.  For his efforts Felix was awarded a 5th place consolation medal.

Laguna Team split: First Half Scores in Luzon Open While Others Qualify for Korean Open (April 21, 2001) 

The Laguna Team was split as tournament officials scheduled the Luzon Open on the same date as the RP team tryouts for the Korean Open.
Laguna Teams Places 3rd Overall..
In the confusion that preceeded the schedules, Laguna South Gym team was left with only three contestants in the Tourney, and all won medals.   The charges were led by Andre Perez who won a Gold medal, Silver medalist Monchito Bautista, and Bronze Medalist Abish Alcaraz. Despite have only a few players, Laguna placed Third in the team overall standings. On a sad note, Monchito Baustista injured his wrist during the competition.
Laguna Gins Qualify for Korean Open..
The Alora Sisters, Eunice and Elaine, Diego Navarro, Grace Opinion, Greg Perez, Terrence Boteja, and Reymar Aringo all gained slots on the RP team bound for the 2001 Korean Open.

Laguna Kid Gets Another Gold in "Attitude for Gold" Tournament (April 21, 2001) 

Cody Wyoming, U.S.A.    Felix Cedillo wins Gold and Bronze Medals, winning a 3rd place finish in the 11-13 year-old Jr. Black Belt Poomse (forms) competitions.  During the sparring sessions, Felix defeated Jonathan Knight 2-1 before defeating Cade Schacher to win the Gold medal in 11-13 year-old Flyweight Division.  .

Laguna Kid Strikes Gold in Wyoming (March 24, 2001) 

March 24, 2001, Wyoming Indian High School, Ethete, Wyoming, U.S.A.   Big things happen in this little town in Central Wyoming.  With several 2A Basketball State Championship trophies on display, this High School located in the Indian Reservation played host to another memorable event - The 2001 Wyoming State Taekwondo Chamionships.

Felix Cedillo wins Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals..

Felix Cedillo earned a full set of medals starting the day with a 3rd place finish in the 11-13 year-old Jr. Black Belt Poomse (forms) competitions, earning him a Bronze medal.   During the sparring sessions, Felix fashioned out a 5-2 victory over Cade Schacher to win the Gold medal in 11-13 year-old Flyweight Division.  Felix capped the day with a Silver medal finish in a mixed division exhibition event. He first defeated Bantamweight Jonathan knight in a close 2-1 semi-finals match.  He barely missed another Gold losing a 4-4 tie in the Finals match.  A crucial grabbing foul was called against Felix, giving him a half point deduction which virtually decided the outcome of the match.

This tournament was a first of firsts in many ways.  It was the first time for a State Championship to be held in an Indian Reservation, it was also the first time that the Electronic Scoring System was used in the State of Wyoming, simulating world -class competitions.  It was also the first tournament where Felix Valentin Cedillo would test his skills in his new home in the U.S.

LAGUNA Taekwondo Dominates STRAA (March 5, 2001) 

March 5, 2001, Sta. Cruz, Laguna.  The Laguna Taekwondo team dominated the field earning 7 Golds, 4 Silvers and 5 Bronzes in the STRAA 2001 to capture the overall team trophies in both the elementary and high school levels.

In the Elementary boys' division, Andre Perez continued his winning streak by winning a Gold, while Diego Navarro and Jocel each earned a Silver medal, while Layl Matba added a Bronze medal.

In the Elementary girls, it was Elaine Alora and Czarina Cabuco topping their respective levels, with Marjorie Soriano adding a Bronze.

In the high school Jr. Mens', Terrence Boteja and Greg Perez both earned Golds, while Monchito Bautista got a Silver, with Reymar Aringo and Jessie each adding a Bronze.

In the High School Jr. Womens', Eunice Alora likewise continued her winning ways to earn a Gold for the JR. Women.  Marie Cabagay added another Gold, while Abba Caton and Carla each added a Bronze to the tally.

It was a sweet victory for the Laguna squad, as Laguna proved to be on top of the region. In 1998 when coach Danny Guerrero first coached the Laguna Taekwondo team, Laguna won 10 Golds, winning the team Gold in the Jr. Men's and Elementary Girls' levels, plus team Silvers for both the Jr. Women's and the Boys' divisions. This year, although only seven Golds were won, the point system allowed Laguna to win the team trophies in all levels (Jr. Men's, Jr. Womens, Boys', and Girls' divisions).

Cayton Gets Silver in US Open (March 1-3, 2001) 

Joseph  Thomas Cayton wins a silver.

Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.  JT Cayton put up a gutsy fight but the points just didn't seem to register.   JT just  missed the Gold, losing to his US opponent, to settle for the Silver in the 11 - 13 year-old Boys' Heavyweight Division.  It was a close fight, as JT appeared to have the upper hand, however, the score proved otherwise.  Earlier JT surprised a much taller and heavier opponent, en route to his Finals match.

In the Flyweight division, Felix Cedillo, won his first 2 matches, but lost a close quarterfinals match to a his Mexican opponent.  Points in this tournament seemed hard to come by.  During his first match, two clear kicks to his US opponent's head failed to register points, and Felix may have lost if not for a flurry of kicks in the dying seconds of the last round.

Philippine team earns its share of medals in the USA-dominated event

In the 11-13 year-old Juniors, EJ Anda (Super Fin weight) and Tonie Rivero  (Middle weight) each won a Gold medal  for the Philippine Team.   Nicole Gallegos (Fly weight), Mark Yabyabin (Bantam),  JT Cayton (Heavy) and Khate (Super Fin) Got Silver medals.  Meanwhile,  while, Willot Wuthrich (Fin) and Joseph Gacoscos (Bantam) each salvaged a Bronze medal for the Philippines.

Medalists in the Juniors (14 -17 years-old) were Lovely Lu (Gold -Female Fin), Lorraine Catalan  (Bronze -Female Light), and Japoy Lizardo (Bronze, Male Fin).  Dahleen Cordero won a Gold in the Senior Women's Fin weight division, while Edrick Galing  won a Bronze in the Men's 3rd Dan Poomse competition.

Perez, Cayton Get 2 Golds For Laguna (January 25, 2001) 


Thursday, 25 Jan. 2001, Baker Memorial Hall, at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines 2nd 2001 Batang Pinoy.  Andre Perez and J.T. Cayton got 2 Golds for the Laguna Team.   Czarina Cabuco, Layl Matba, and Marjorie Soriano got a Silver medal each, while Elaine Alora and Diego Navarro settled for the Bronze.

Andre Perez proved he was in top form as he easily hurdled all his opponents en route to the top spot in the Boys 4'6"-4'9" category.  J.T. Cayton likewise outclassed his opponents and handily wrested the championship in the 5'3"-5'6" category.

Layl Matba, lost to a shifty opponent in the 4'3"- 4'6" Boys category, while Czarina Cabuco, couldn't find her range in the 5'0"- 5'3" Girls division, both settling for the Silver.  Meanwhile, newcomer Marjorie Soriano put up an impressive performance, almost stealing the show.  During the finals match of the below-4'0" category, she was actually ahead of Issa Bonifacio of Batangas in the first round, but ran out of steam in the 2nd round, settling for the Silver.

Diego Navarro looked well headed for the finals with impressive victories, despite a suffering from a bloody lip in his quarterfinal match.  However, the cut turned out to be deeper than anticipated, forcing him to withdraw from the tournament.  His performance, however was good for a bronze finish.  Elaine Alora, couldn't get her rhythm going, also settling for a Bronze.

It was a tough day for Laguna, as accented by Felix Cedillo's defeat to a stocky opponent who looked well over 12 years old.  Despite this, Felix put up a good show, but both he and coach Danny Guerrero were distracted by the strict calls made by the referees.  Felix' opponent's age was again questioned during his subsequent matches, but went on to capture the Gold medal.  Newcomer Kelvin Reodica of Sta. Cruz also put up a good fight for Laguna but lost his second match of the under-4'0" category.

Laguna retains overall Championship.  The kids of Laguna retained the overall honors in this prestigious tournament, winning an avalanche of Golds from the swimming and cycling teams.  The Taekwondo gins added their fair share of 2 Golds, 3 Silvers, and 2 Bronzes to the tally.


Laguna South Gym Gears Up for BATANG PINOY (January 22, 2001) 


The Laguna Elementary Boys and Girls team, composed mainly of Laguna South Gym players are ready for the 2nd 2001 Batang Pinoy (Jan. 25, 2001).  Batang Pinoy is a sports competition sponsored by the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) for children 12 years old and below.  Events include Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming, Badminton, Tennis, Track and Field, Boxing, Taekwondo, among others.  The events in Taekwondo start today at the Baker Memorial Hall, at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines.

Last year Laguna captured the overall title by virtue of the a barrage of Golds from swimming (15 Golds), followed by Taekwondo (3 Golds), virtually pulling the rug from under their rivals' feet.

"We're not expecting any easy Golds, this time,"   commented Laguna Coach/Trainer Danny Guerrero, "But we'll go out there doing our best to fight and win."

This year's Laguna Taekwondo Batang Pinoy team is composed mostly of the Elementary Boys and Girls  who won gold medals during the recent Laguna Provincial Championships.

Roster of players:
Girls Boys
Category Name Category Name
below 4'0" Marjorie Soriano below 4'0" Kelvin Reodica 
4'0"-4'3" - 4'0"-4'3" Layl Matba
4'3"-4'6" - 4'3"-4'6" Diego Navarro
4'6"-4'9" Micah  Ramos  4'6"-4'9" Andre Perez
4'9"-5'0" Elaine Alora 4'9"-5'0" -
5'0"-5'3" Czarina Cabuco 5'0"-5'3" Felix Cedillo
5'3"-5'6" Hazel Reyes 5'3"-5'6" J.T. Cayton

Laguna South Gym Wins Runner-up Honors in 2nd Batangas Open (December 2, 2000) 

Sunday, December 2, 2000, Arsenio Laurel Sports Arena, Lyceum of Batangas, Batangas City.  Despite the absence of 5 key players, Laguna South Gym chalked up 5 Golds, 5 Silvers, and 7 Bronzes to wrest the runner up team trophy in the 2nd Region IV Invitational Taekwondo Championships.  Host Batangas took the overall trophy.

Micah Ramos won a Gold in the Girls Advanced division, while Diego Navarro and Andre Perez won the Gold in the Boys' Advanced Division.   Loyd Tajan, the single Laguna South Gym entry in the Seniors level, totally outclassed his opponents for the Gold, while newcomer Kerwin Reodica, from Sta. Cruz got his first Gold medal in the 4'0"-4'3" Boys Novice category.

Layl Matba and Felix Cedillo got Silver medals in their respective Boys Advanced divisions, while Cham-cham Lincod and Jakee Yecyec won runner-up honors in the Girls' Novice division.   Reymar Aringo also won a Silver medal in the Junior Men's division. 

Mark Ramos Salvaged a Bronze medal in the Boys' Advanced 4'3"-4'6" category.  Also winning Bronze medals in the Girls' Novice divisions were Kaye Babaan, Gaena Fadrigalan, Chryzl Pantua, and Jamie Sta. Isabel.   Miggy Navarro added another Bronze in the Boys' Novice, while Greg Perez also got a Bronze medal in the Junior Men's division.

With bad weather in Laguna prevented the arrival of key players, the Laguna South Gym put up an impressive showing.  This was acknowledged by one of the M.C.s who described the team as one with "quality" and not quantity.

Laguna South Gym Reaps 2 Golds in National Age Group  (November 26, 2000) 

In the Girls Division, Feisty Laguna lasses Martha Abish Alcaraz and Cham-cham Lincod demolished their opponents winning Golds in their respective events.   Grace Tanzo and Leane Bartolo got Silver medals while , Abba Caton, Hazel Reyes,   settled for Bronze medals. 

In the Boys division, Milky Parducho, Allaine Reyes, and Jamie Isabel each settled for a Bronze medals.

Laguna South Gym Dominates Provincial Meet  (November 22, 2000) 

Wednesday, November 22, 2000, San Luis Memorial Sports Complex, Santa Cruz, Laguna.   Players affiliated with Laguna South Gym dominated the Laguna Provincial Taekwondo Meet.  In the Elementary division, Laguna South Gym players won all but two slots, where they had no entries.

In the Boys Division, Layl Matba faced a fast and shifty Peter Manalo of Unit 3.  After chasing him throughout the game,  Layl finally caught him with an axe kick in the second round earning him the Gold in the 4'0" - 4'3" category.    Diego Navarro moving in warp speed defeated a dazed Robert Aquino (unit 4) in the 4'3" - 4'6" division.  Andre Perez likewise defeated a bewildered A. Castro of Sta. Cruz  in the 4'6" - 4'9" category,  while Felix Cedillo took the Gold in the 4'9" - 5'0" over Bryan Brando of  Sta. Cruz.

In the Girls' Division, Micah Ramos defeated Laguna South Gym teammate Martha Abish Alcaraz in the 4'6" -4'9" category.  Elaine Alora quickly disposed her opponent with an abbreviated first round victory over Cristina Malakas in the 4'9"-5'0" category.  Czarina Cabuco defeated L. Carpio of Bay for the Gold in the 5'0"-5'3" division.

In the High School Division, Eunice Alora, Reymar Aringo, and Terrence Boteja gained golds in their respective events. 

J.T. Cayton added to Laguna South Gym  US Open Qualifiers (November 4, 2000) 

usopen.jpg (19070 bytes)

Saturday, November 18, 2000, Ninoy Aquino Sports Arena, Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) Central Gymnasium.   JT Cayton who was unable to attend the first tryouts last Nov. 4, sparred his way to a slot in the RP team bound for the 10th Annual 2001 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships on March 1 - 4, 2001, in Las Vegas, Nevada.   JT joins Laguna South Gym teammates, Kathleen Eunice Alora, TerrenceBoteja, FelixValentinCedillo, and MaryGrace Opinion.  All players except Felix Cedillo were part of the RP team that competed in the Korean Open last July 13 - 15, 2000.  The team is expected to meet stiff competition in the coming event, as several countries are expected to join the prestigious event.

Laguna South Gym Gins Sparkle in the National Best of the Best Championships (November 12, 2000) 

Sunday, November 12, 2000 at Ninoy Aquino Sports Arena, Philippine Taekwondo Association (PTA) Central Gymnasium. Kathleen Eunice and Kristine Elaine Alora, Czarina Cabuco, Mary Grace Opinion, and Mario Diego Navarro each won a Gold in the National Best of the Best Championships.  Layl Matba and Micah Ramos got Silver medals while Andre Perez and Mark Ramos settled for the Bronze.

Eunice Alora continued her string of Golds, as she overpowered all her opponents in the Jr. Women's Flyweight division.  There was some apprehension when one of her opponents, a Gold medallist in the  Palarong Pambansa, came out strong in the second period.  This, however, was not enough to deny her the Gold.

With her older sister moving up to the Juniors, Elaine proved too tough for the rest of the field in the Girls' 4'9" to 5'0" division, while Czarina Cabuco defeated a much taller player in the Finals of the Girls 5'0" to 5'3" category.

Diego Navarro capped a breathtaking come-from-behind victory to win top honors in the 4'3" - 4'6" Boys' division.  Down 3-1 in the first period, Diego came back strong in the second round to close the gap 5-4, then overpowered his opponent in the third period en route to the Gold.  In the Seniors Division, Grace Opinion also finished with a Gold in the Women's.

Layl Matba was looking good coming into the Finals, but was unable to hit his mark in the 2nd and 3rd periods while Micah Ramos, still having trouble adjusting to bigger and heavier opponents, lost in her Finals match.  Both fighters settled for the Silver medal.  Meanwhile, Mark Ramos and Andre Perez each salvaged a Bronze medal for Laguna South.

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Events Calendar:
Milo "New Face" Championship
John Rey Perez - Gold; Sandy Chua - Bronze
19 - Promotion - venue: MariGym Fitness Center (Laguna South Gym)
24 - Palarong Pambansa (Bacolod City) 
Eunice Alora, Elaine Alora, Micah Ramos, Joseph Cayton
Gold: Girls - Eunice Alora, Micah Ramos


Milo National All-Women's Championship
Results (Girls): Gold: Czarina Cabuco, Bronze: Sandy Chua
11 - 1st Philippine National Youth Games (POC sponsored), Paete, Laguna 
Gold: Girls - Eunice & Elaine Alora, Micah Ramos; Boys - Andre Perez; Jr. Men -Terrence Boteja 
Silver: Boys - Mark Ramos, Diego Navarro, JT Cayton; Jr. Men - Greg Perez 
Bronze: Girls - Czarina Cabuco; Boys - Layl Matba, Felix Cedillo, Edel Parducho; Jr. Men - Reymar Aringo

13 - 15
3rd International Chung-cheong Taekwondo Korea Open
Gold: Eunice Alora
Silver:  Terrence Boteja, Grace Opinion
Bronze: JT Cayton
- RP wins Elementary overall title
5 - 6
Milo National Club Championships - Ninoy Aquino Sports Arena, Manila
Gold: Girls - Eunice Alora
Silver: Girls - Elaine Alora, Chamcham Lincod; Jr. Men - Terrence Boteja, 
Bronze: Girls' - Abba Caton; Jr. Women - Grace Opinion
- Laguna South Gym wins Girls overall title


District Championships (DECS) Baker Hall, U.P. Los Baños, Laguna. 
Gold: Boys -Layl Matba (4'0"-4'3"), Diego Navarro (4'3"-4'6"), Mark Ramos (4'6"-4'9"), Felix Cedillo (4'9"-5'0"), JT Cayton (5'0"-5'3"); Girls - Micah Ramos (4'6"-4'9") 
Silver: Boys - Edel Parducho (4'6"-4'9")
Milo National Interschool Championships
Silver: Boys - JT Cayton ( 5'0"-5'3")
Bronze: Girls - Micah Ramos (4'6"-4'9")
Gold: Boys - Andre Perez (4'6"-4'9"); Girls' - Eunice Alora (4'9"-5'0")
Silver: Boys - Diego Navarro (Adv. 4'3"-4'6"); Girls' - Elaine Alora (4'9"-5'0")
Bronze: Jr. Men - Reymar Aringo; Jr. Women - Grace Opinion
Silver: Girls - Abba Caton (4'9"-5'0")
Bronze: Girls - Jakee Yecyec(below 4'0"), Jessica Tanzo (4'0"-4'3"), Cham-Cham Lincod (Nov. 4'6"-4'9")
27 - 30
27th Olympic Games (Sep 13 - Oct. 1), Sydney, Australia
First Makati Invitational Friendship Games
Gold: Boys - Diego Navarro (4'3"-4'6"), Felix Cedillo (4'9"-5'0"); Girls: Micah Ramos (4'6"-4'9")
Silver: Boys - Miggy Navarro (below 4'0"), Layl Matba (4'0"-4'3")
Bronze: Boys - Mark Ramos (4'3"-4'6"), Edel Parducho (4'6"-4'9")
14 - 15
2000 Milo Little Olympics 
Silver: Boys - Layl Matba (4'0"-4'3")
Gold: Boys - Andre Perez (4'6"-4'9"), Felix Cedillo (4'9"-5'0")
Bronze: Boys - Diego Navarro (4'3"-4'6"), Mark Ramos (4'3"-4'6"); Jr. Men - Reymar Aringo
Gold: Girls - Czarina Cabuco (Novice 5'0"-5'3")
Silver: Jr. Men - Giovanni
Unit Championships (DECS), Calamba, Laguna 
Gold: Boys - Layl Matba (4'0"-4'3"), Diego Navarro (4'3"-4'6"), Mark Ramos (4'6"-4'9"), Felix Cedillo (4'9"-5'0"); Girls - Micah Ramos (4'6"-4'9"); Jr. Women - Abba Caton
Tryouts for U.S. Open
Girls - Eunice Alora; Boys - Felix Cedillo; Jr. Women - Grace Opinion; Jr. Men - Terrence Boteja
Milo Best of the Best Championships
15 - 18
3rd World Junior Taekwondo Championships, Killarney, Ireland 
  For more details see USTU Web Site
Milo National Age-Group Championships
Batangas Invitational

2nd Batang Pinoy Championship (PSC sponsored)

- Provincial Championships (DECS)


19 - STRAA Championships
28 - 10th Annual 2001 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships
1-3 - 10th Annual 2001 U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships

Results: Silver - JT Cayton

For more details see the official Web Site of: 
   The U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships

5 - STRAA Championships


World Cup Taekwondo, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

11 - 19
4th International Cheong Taekwondo Korea Open, Chung Ju, South Korea

Milo National Inter-School Championship

District  Championships (DECS)


Unit Championships  (DECS)

3rd Batang Pinoy Championship

Provincial Championships  (DECS)

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