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Republic Act 8559 - Philippine Agricultural Engineering Act of 1998

Republic Act 8559 is a major breakthrough for the agricultural engineering profession.  The law broadens the professional mandate and responsibilities of agricultural engineers on matters related to development, installation, and construction of essential components in modernizing Philippine Agriculture. 

PSAE in close collaboration with the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) formulated the Rules and Regulations of the new Act, with high hopes that these will be implemented for the greater benefit of the agricultural engineering profession and the agricultural sector as a whole. 

As the Philippines faces more challenges with the advent od globalization and the new world economic order, the agricultural engineering profession is now more confident to face these challenges.  It is by working together that we can ensure the betterment of agriculture in this part of the world.

Write to PSAE for a full copy of the Republic Act 8559.

4. Agricultural Engineer
  4.1. Engineering plans, designs, specifications and co estimates on:
    4.1.a. Farm Buildings and Structures such as: silos and its components, warehouses, farm machinery sheds, farm houses green/screen houses, poultry and livestock houses, slaughter houses, bulk handling systems, agricultural equipment sheds, and all related appurtenances, etc.
    4.1.b Agricultural processing facilities, cold storage, dryers, threshers, shelters, mills (rice, corn, peanut, feed, etc.), seed processing plant, storage, graders, sorters, packaging, labelling, baling, caning, etc. 
    4.1.c. Agricultural power and machinery such as power, tillers, seeders, transplanters, weeders, strippers, balers, fads and aerators, pest control equipment, windmill, etc.
    4.1.d. Soil and Water conservation project, technology, structures and systems like drip irrigation, small impounding project, irrigation, contour farming, small farm reservoir, drainage system, sloping agrometeorological devices, water management, water and land development.
    4.1.e. Farm electrification such as wiring, lighting, electric generators and motors, village type power plant including development of non-conventional energy equipment, and facilities for agricultural purposes.
  4.2. All contracts pertinent to items 1.a to 1.b and farm development
  4.3. Bid proposals/offers (agricultural machineries and equipment, post harvest facilities, feasibility studies).
  4.4. Technical reports and studies (Evaluation reports, valuation, appraisal, and testing and evaluation of agricultural machineries, equipment and facilities
  4.5. Certifications (patents, copyright, etc.)
  4.6. Area development planning pertinent to agriculture development, physical development plans and farm subdivision, etc. 
  4.7. Feasibility studies, programs, project proposals on agricultural engineering field intended for financing and other purposes.
  4.8. (Agricultural) Resources surveys, assessments and mapping such as water resource inventory for irrigation and farm households use, farming systems, land evaluations, agro-meteorological assessment, land use surveys and planning, soil surveys, etc. for rural and agricultural development purposes.


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