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Take and Receive

(A7)               D9           D-DM7
Take and receive, oh Lord
      GM7   G9
My  lib  er  ty
                    F#m7   Bm7
Take all my will, my mind
       F#m7      D
My memory
       D7        GM7            F#m7       B7
All things I hold and all I own are thine
                        Em7     A6
Thine was the gift to Thee
A  D               Am7
I   all resign
         D7     GM7-A/G
Do Thou direct            and
F#m7                   B7
Govern all and sway
                         Em7       A
Do what Thou wilt command
      D9   D    Am7
and I  obey
     D7         GM7   Gm
Only   Thy grace
                     F#m7           B7
Thy love on me bestow
These make me rich
     Em9  G/A           D
All else  will   I forego.

Take Me
Dennis Jernigan

Intro: C2  C2/E  C2/F  C2  C2/E  C2/F

1. Like a       Ship on    Your Heart
2.         Your pres ence like  wind

C2/E                              F2
1.   Lord, I          am      sailing
2.    on     waves comes rol ling

              C2                       C2/E
1. On a course  for the Son       of
2.       to sweep me a    way       on

1. Love  un   failing
2. pure  love flowing

D7sus/A  C2/E  G7sus/D
Take         me   where Iíve never
     C2/E                 G
Been before, Lord
D7sus  C2/E        G7sus/D
Take     me!   My heartís a sail
                C2/E                      F2   G7sus
And Youíre      the wind my Lord----------!

     C2                          C2/E
1. You   will  not    leave    me
2.  Lord, You have put       my

1. Or      for  sake  me
2. Heart in    mo    tion

                        C2                           C2/E
1.             So deep          er   in  to Your
2. Youíre the wind that sails me a  cross

1. Pre   sence,  take me
2. Your heartís  o      cean

D7sus/A  C2/E  G7sus/D
Take         me where Iíve never
       C2/E                  G
Been     before, Lord
D7sus/A  C2/E  G7sus/D
Take        me!    Deeper
              C2/E       F
Ever deeper, Lord!

     C/E          F2
Into Your pre    sence
I want to fall and lose control
Into Your pre    sence
Oh Spirit overcome me, flow
G    D7sus/A  C2/E  G7sus/D
And take         me     where Iíve never
      C2/E                 G
Been before, Lord
D7sus/A  C2/E  C2      C2/E  Gsus  F2
Take        me, Lord!

Take a Little Time
Bob Fitts

    Ab    Eb/G  Fm  Ebm7  Abm7
Thank You,   Lord
Db                     Ab/C
  I just want to thank You
Bbm7                  Db/Eb  Eb7
    I just want to thank     You
Ab    Eb/G  Fm  Ebm7  Abm7
Thank You,   Lord
Db                     Ab/C
  I just want to thank You
Bbm7                  Db/Eb  Eb7
    I just want to thank     You

Ab         C7sus/G  Bbo/C
  I just want
      Fm7                            Ebm  Ab7
To take a little time right now
                Db                  Ab/C
To say ďThank You, LordĒ
        Bbm7          Db/Eb      Ab
For   all   Youíve done for me

Ab         C7sus/G  Bbo/C
  I just want
      Fm7                            Ebm  Ab7
To take a little time right now
                Db                  Ab/C
To say ďThank You, LordĒ
        Bbm7          Db/Eb      Ab
For   all   Youíve done for me

Teach Me to Dance
Graham Kendrick

A7                   D
Teach me to dance
To the beat of Your he - art
Teach me to move
In the powír of Your Spi  rit
Teach me to walk
In the light of Your presence
Teach me to dance
            A7                D       A7
To the beat of Your heart
Teach me to love
With Your heart of compassion
Teach me to trust
In the word of Your promise
Teach me to hope
In the day of Your coming
Teach me to dance
            A7                D       F#m 
To the beat of Your heart

    Bm                                       A
1. You wrote the rhy   thm    of  life
2. Let     all  my movements express
1. Cre   at    ed hea   ven and earth
2.   A heart that loves  to say yes
                                         D   A
1. In You  is   joy  without measure
2. A  will that leaps to ob - ey  You
   Bm                                A
1. So like a child in Your sight
2. Let all my energy blaze
1.   I dance to see Your de - light
2. To see   the joy    in Your face

1. For   I   was made for Your
2. Let my whole be    -     ing
      A7sus-A7     A7sus-A7
1. Plea  -  sure,  plea  -  sure.
2. Praise  You, praise  You

The Lordís Prayer
Albert Hay Malotte

        Bb   Dm              Cm7 F
Our Father which art in heaven,
Bb          Cm F       Bb
Hallowed be    Thy name.
Gm                 Dm     Gm      C7  D7
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,
      Gm Eb    Bb   Cm7-F7  Bb
On earth as it is in hea    -   ven.
Eb   Cm7    Bb      Cm7- F7  Bb
Give us this day our dai  - ly bread,
       Gm          A
And forgive us our debts
    Em7                  A
As we forgive our debtors.
        Bb                  Cm
And lead us not into temptation
       C7                 F7
But deliver us from evil,
        Bb           Cm7 
For Thine is the Kingdom,
               C7                  Eb-F7
And the Power and the Glory
        Bb-Bb/A-Gm  Cm7 F7  Eb Bb
For - e      -      ver.          A
Eb  Cm7 F7 Bb
        A   -   men.

There Is None Like You
Lenny LeBlanc

G            D/Gb         Em      G
  There is none like You
C           G/B                     Am                   D
  No one else can touch my heart like You do
G           D/F              C        Cm 
   I could search for all eternity long and find
G               D            G
   There is none like You

          C       D              G       Em
Your mercy flows like a river wide
   Am      D                        G
Healing comes from Your hand
  Em                          Bm 
Suffering children are safe in your arms
C             Am           D
  There is none like You

The Steadfast Love

          D           F#m7
The steadfast love
            G                 D   A
Of the Lord never ceases
          D       Bm      G                A
His mercies never come to an end
                 G               A
They are new every morning
   F#m7      Bm       Em
New every morning
                    A          D  F#m   Bm     Em
Great is Thy faithfulness,   O      Lord
                      G   A    D
Great is Thy faithfulness

Think About His Love

Intro: GM7  Em  A7sus A7 D  (A7)
Think about His love
Think about His goodness
Think about His grace
                                 A7sus  A7
Thatís brought us through
           GM7                            F#m7
For as high as the heavens above
So great is the measure
                          A7sus A7
Of our Fatherís Love
Great is the measure
Em       A7sus    D
Of our Fatherís Love

    GM7                        A7            D     Bm7 Am7
1. How can      I   for -  get   His   love
2.    E - ven when Iíve strayed a - way
         GM7                      A7             D
1.      How can   I        for-get His  mer -  cy
2. His love has sought me   out and found me
             Bm                F#m7
1. 2. He satisfies, He satisfies
              G    Em         A7sus A7
1. 2. He satisfies my desires

GM7  Em  A7sus A7 D

Thy Word
Amy Grant-Michael W. Smith

   G                  D                   G 
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet 
          C         D       G
And a light unto my path.  (2x).

       D                 Am        Em                     Bm
1. When I  feel  afraid,      think I've lost my way
2.      I will not forget Your love for me  and yet

          C                D                   C      G
1.      Still You're there right be - side  me
2.My heart  for  -   e  - ver    is  wandering
           D                  Am         Em                        Bm
1. And nothing will   I fear   as   long   as You  are near
2.        Jesus, be my guide and hold me   to Your side
                C           D         Em       E   Dsus
1.       Please be  near me  to  the end
2. And      I     will love You to the end

To Bless Your Heart
Wendy Corrick

D        Em                              A                 D     Bm
    To bless Your heart, Lord God, is my desire
                  Em                     G                 A
To let You touch my life and set my heart afire
                   Bm                 GM7    Em            A    D
To see Your hand of love in all that comes my way
                  Em          G              Em       A         D
To learn to hear Your voice each moment of the day

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

A -

F                        Bb
O soul are you weary and troubled?
   F            C7           F
No light in the darkness you see?
Thereís light for a look at the Saviour, 
    F             C7   G7  C7
And life more abundant and free:

F        C          Dm    F7
Turn you eyes upon Jesus,
Bb                         C7
Look full in His wonderful face;
         F                 F7                    Bb       Bbm
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
          F               C7           F
In the light of His glory and grace.